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Role of parents

In the present scenario, parents are very much puzzled and confused and probably feel helpless for the education and career of their child. Of-course this is a matter of concern for most of us and it is quite natural cause of worry for the parents. Parents from the very beginning, start putting lot of pressure on their child for text book studies, extracurricular activities and keep them engaged beyond the child’s natural capacity. The natural growth of the child suffers and by the time they realize, it’s too late because the psychology of the child has already taken shape by this time. Since this is a unique modern age anxiety the parents should find out unique solutions by themselves. In the current nuclear family society, the husband and wife both are in professional world, they themselves are tired of coping up with various tasks and its difficult for them to concentrate on the growth of their children due to lack of personal attention. Moreover, the joint family concept is slowl